Thank you for visiting our new web site. 

We are finally trying to catch up to modern times and make an effort to keep everyone informed and updated on what we can provide for you and your home.  Some of you know but many of you don't know that about 2001 due to agricultural hard ship, I had to also take a job as plumbing in town.  And in 2008 we decided to start our own plumbing business to provide with more flexability because we are still have cattle and hay ground to attend too and the art business.  So in this web site you will find our art business and images and also a little about our plumbing business.

Ranching has been in the White family for many generations so Monte's destiny was already set before he was born.  Monte, his wife Robin and son Trae, live in Morgan County Colorado.

Monte is a working cowboy artist.  He began drawing when he could pick up a pencil.  His art in a natural instinct to him.  He considers his work to be a natural extension of his lifestyle, a lifestyle that is disappearing, but that he hopes to capture in his art.  He states, "The cowboy way of life is almost gone, but I can keep it alive with my art."

His subject matter is taken from the daily life of ranch work.  Monte's art is traditionalists in nature and he strives to accurately represent and share the ranching experience with others.  With his demanding schedule, he is able to do his art only at night, but the reference material is always directly in front of him.  His pencil and sketch book suit the task best.  He works mostly in pencil, yet is accomplished in oils as well.  Monte is active in pursuing his art career and is recognized at many western art events.  He has been accepted into juried / invitational shows and has been honored with awards for his accomplishments.

We always enjoy meeting old and new friends at the different art shows.  So now we can keep in touch with this web site.  You can now e-mail us at monte@montewhite.net  or call us at 970-768-4027  We look forward to seeing you all at the next show!!!!